The movie, Homeward Bound is a remake of the film Incredible Journey, which was made in 1963. It is the amazing story of a cat and two dogs that undertake a cross-country journey to be reunited with their loving owners. Recently, CSS Homeward Bound was entrusted with the relocation of a male cat and a Havenese mix dog. The animals were relocating from Kathmandu, Nepal to Senegal and in coming from Nepal, had a two day layover in Dubai.

With small animals (just 5 and 6 kg’s), CSS Homeward Bound as able to gain expedited permissions from the DNATA and the Ministry of Environment due to the sensitive nature of this cargo. Permissions were needed because the cargo required inter-terminal transit. Since direct flights to Dukar only leave Dubai every two days, CSS Homeward Bound arranged for the care of the pets to be given by Dubai Kennels and Cattery.

Knowing how fragile this cargo was, CSS Homeward Bound also arranged things so that the formalities would be expedited and all the arrangements made before this precious cargo reached its final destination on June 27th. Suku Sudhakaran, CSS Homeward Bound’s General Manager offered a statement that sums up the care that was taken with these pets. “Here at CSS Homeward Bound we treat your personal belongings as one of our own, and this is truly evidence of the care and consideration that the team took especially for this transfer. This has always been our differentiating factor from other relocation companies in the region and continues to be the cornerstone of our success and loyalty with our customers.”

Even when the cargo is beyond monetary value, CSS Homeward Bound will go that extra mile to ensure that it reaches its destination safely. Moving a family is a chore in itself and when pets are involved the move takes on whole, new dimensions. With CSS Homeward Bound your pets will be treated with all the care and consideration that you would give them yourself.

CSS Homeward Bound wishes to extend our thanks to the  following organizations that gave their whole hearted cooperation and support to ensure that the pets were safely reunited with their loving owners in Senegal: Emirates Kdy Cargo, Ministry of Environments, Orient International Relocations, and Qatar Airways.