Are you moving heavy machinery, industrial equipment, or any kind of large industrial cargo? If so, you need UAE movers who are able to take care of your industrial packing and lashing, no matter what the size of your cargo is.

CSS Homeward Bound is a company made up of only the most trusted Emirates movers. We don’t offer one-fits-all solutions, because we know that every shipment is different. We will take the time to understand your needs, and design the best package around them.

How our service moves you;

  • We will fabricate crates to your requirements. Custom made means the perfect fit.
  • Packing is achieved with only the best materials, and goods and equipment are secured according to the highest international standards.
  • Your odd shaped, odd sized, or oversized cargo is not a problem for our UAE movers. Crating or lashing can be carried out, even with the most unconventional cargo. No job is beyond the capabilities of our skilled logistics team.
  • All safety standards are met, and certificates, documentation, and clearance forms can be provided where necessary.
  • We operate on a schedule that can be flexible to meet your needs. Let us know your requirements, even on short notice, and we will work out the best solution for you.

Fill out the form to get in touch with some of the most trusted international movers in Dubai and the UAE. Our team will determine the best solution to any of your industrial packing and lashing requirements. With CSS Homeward Bound, the immovable becomes moveable.