CSS Homeward Bound Customs Clearance and Door to Door Service

When you are entering a country or moving to a country, those goods that you bring with you are subject to clearance. Clearing must be done by the Custom’s Authorities at the port of entry to the UAE.

These are procedures that legally need to take place. Each procedure must be accomplished in accordance with the laws and customs dictates of the specific country. If the customs clearance isn’t correctly executred it can result in penalties and fines as well as causing you delays and headaches. CSS Homeward Bound movers in Dubai has the skill and expertise that you need to provide custom’s clearing and to take you safely through customs without hassles. We provide customs clearance and door to door services for our valued clients.

Each of our well-trained agents are in the know about the custom’s policies and the specific regulations that you need to know. We are well positioned to help you to clear your cargo rapidly and to get you to your new home quickly and hassle free.

The CSS Homeward Bound Customs Clearance Services Include:

Correct preparation  and submission of custom clearance documentation that is necessary for entry into the country.

Receiving of your property and goods.