Moving and shipping your precious cargo can go wrong in a number of ways especially while on transit.

No matter how careful your packers are at the time of packing, boxes can be bumped, dropped or shift during transit. Intense care by professionals may not become sufficient for the guarantee of the safe arrival of the goods. But a removal insurance for your precious cargo can at least bring peace of mind, while they move.

The cost of insurance depends on a number of conditions like, the type of items, route of the cargo, mode of transport, and whether the packing is done by a professional company or self-packing.

You will have to fill an insurance form with a list of items and their insurance value. Sum it all up and the typical coverage is the current replacement / repair value. There are certain items that are excluded, and no insurance coverage for food items and collector’s item such as stamp/ coin collection.

If you are moving with CSS Homeward Bound please hand over a duly filled, signed or stamped insurance form to your sales coordinator with us at least 3 days prior to the packing/moving.

For more details kindly contact our office at any time.