“The service provided by CSS Homeward Bound has been exemplary….. professional….. can do attitude….personable executives in Dubai and Bahrain…. and helpful, despite the small assignment of shipping a pet from Bahrain to Dubai.

I’m saying this without meeting any of you, which already says a lot.

I just looked at your website and I didn’t expect your group to be so large and diverse.

If the same values and service you and you colleagues provided me is also evident in your other group companies, I can assure you, your group will be going from success to higher levels of achievements in no time.

Having run a banking conglomerate (as Deputy Chief Executive of Arab Banking Corporation from Bahrain) across 4 continents from 2003 to 2009, I can detect the quality of service being provided….. the speed of response….. the command of detail….. and the intimate knowledge of related stakeholder requirements.

Keep it up”