Moving to Dubai can be a great opportunity to live in a city that has it all. Being the second largest emirate in the UAE, it is an exciting and lively place to be in. Many major corporations have their base in Dubai, opening up multiple avenues for employment.

Dubai offers its residents and visitors a variety of leisure activities. One can go for a desert safari, sand skiing or just relax at the many beaches and parks that Dubai has. It is also a shopper’s haven with the numerous shopping malls offering a variety of products at bargain prices. If you are looking for an exciting place to move to, then Dubai is the right one for you.

Tips to help you when moving to Dubai

The idea of moving into a new country where the customs, culture and lifestyle differ from where you presently live can be a bit worrisome. But by learning about Dubai and its ways, you can ensure that your move to Dubai will be a smooth and successful one. Some information that will be useful for people looking to move to Dubai for the first time is given below:

  • When deciding to move to Dubai, check visa requirements. You can contact the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA-D) for all visa enquiries concerning expats moving to Dubai.
  • All applicable documents should be attested. Marriage certificates, education certificates and birth certificates are required. You can contact the UAE consulate to get further information.
  • Negotiate with your employer on providing housing allowances as accommodation is very expensive in Dubai.
  • You have to get a health card, a residence permit, and a work permit upon your move to Dubai.
  • Check all medications that you carry have a doctor’s prescription along with a medical report when entering Dubai. Many drugs and medications are banned in the UAE and having them in your possession can result in imprisonment.
  • The official language is Arabic, but English is also widely spoken.
  • Islam is the main religion in Dubai. People of other religions are allowed to practice freely.
  • Temperatures can go up as high as 55°C in peak summer and fall to 15°C in winter. Expats go on their annual vacation during the summer months.
  • Accommodation can be bought (freehold lease) or rented depending on your requirements. Rent is paid monthly or in advance depending on the landlord.
  • You will require a license to buy or to keep possession of alcohol. Drunk driving and inappropriate behavior whilst under the influence of alcohol are not tolerated and are punishable offences.
  • Photographing locals and government buildings are not allowed.
  • Dressing style should be decent.

People intending to move to Dubai should gather and understand such information and prepare accordingly. Professional service providers are available who can guide and make the move a smooth affair. One such option is to use the services of a moving company. The moving company can help you out with the formalities required while moving to Dubai.

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