Businesses participate in trade exhibitions or organise events on its own to promote its products and services. Well-organised events and exhibitions are effective platforms for businesses to reach out to wider customer bases. However, preparing for such exhibitions or events are logistics processes that requires detailed planning from point of origin to the venue.

Improper packing, handling and transportation of event or exhibition items can result in loss or damage to them. In addition to this, the setting up of the stalls before the event and breaking it down once it is over, storage facilities, etc. are some other factors that require proper planning and execution. If the event is to be held overseas, it will be more difficult to manage the whole show successfully.

Exhibition and event logistics should be left to a specialist company who is competent and is well-versed about all aspects related to handling exhibition or event logistics. They can get the job done efficiently enabling you to concentrate on the other important matters related to the forthcoming event. All details will be planned and worked out well in advance by them.

Services offered by competent exhibition and event logistics service providers include:

  • Proper packing and careful handling and loading of exhibition and event items.
  • Proper transportation of exhibition items to the venue.
  • Assist in setting up of stalls / stands for the event
  • Assist in breaking down the stalls once the exhibition is over and transporting items to the desired location.
  • Providing storage facilities for equipments and items.
  • Providing insurance for the cargo while in transit.
  • Providing tracking systems enabling live updates on movement of the shipment.

With the right company handling your exhibition and event logistics, not only will you be free to concentrate on the more important tasks at hand but also ensure the successful promotion of your business.

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